Keep More Equity

Mountain Lodge Properties provides its Sellers with a menu of services when it comes to listing your property for sale or lease on the market. How we differ from the traditional brokerages can be summed up in one word - Freedom! 

We give you the freedom to retain the right to sell by owner should you find your own buyer. Plus, we save you a ton of equity when you list your property with us. Thanks to our™ MLS Flat Fee listing model, whether you do some of the work or we do it, you still keep more of the equity in your home.

Our choices are simple. In general, you can save the most amount of money by showing your home yourself and conducting open houses. Or, if you'd like a more traditional real estate experience, you can choose to allow a real estate broker to show your home for sale. You can also choose to place your home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and have other local real estate agents participate in the sale of your property. 

No matter what your choice, you still save thousands compared to the cost of a traditional brokerage commission structure so many brokerages still offer today. 

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